Hungary sightseeing


Gödöllő Day Trip Gödöllő lies in a clean, green and panoramic area surrounded by forests. The forests in Gödöllő’s downs have always offered kings and governors excellent grounds for wild game hunting. Queen Mary Therese paid a visit in the beautiful baroque castle of Gödöllő in 1751. Later the estate of Gödöllő with the mansion […]

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Szentendre Day Trip Szentendre (Sanctus Andreas) is a cute little town on the Danube Bend with a rich artistic heritage. There are many beautiful baroque churches, museums and art galleries. Szentendre is also called the city of churches, because being a small town has seven churches. Walking along the cobbled streets the charm of the […]

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Cheers or Egészségedre

Cheers or Egészségedre Tour If you learn only two words while you are in Budapest, Hungary one should definitely be Egészségedre! Not only the gastronomy but the Hungarian drinking culture is eclectic. We can say that the Hungarian national drink is the world famous pálinka but we have many good types of wine and also […]

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