Sweet Budapest must do in Budapest tour

Sweet Budapest

Sweet Budapest Tour If you love sweets, cookies and cakes the Sweet Budapest Tour is the perfect tour for you. Hungarian sweets, cakes are very famous and diverse, there is a special treat for every occasion. Have you tried the Rigó Jancsi named after a talented violinist or the famous Dobos cake? If you haven’t […]

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Hévíz Day Trip Lake Hévíz is the world’s largest biologically-active natural thermal lake, which is able to refresh body and soul alike. Archaeological excavations prove that this area was inhabited even at the end of the Stone Age. The water temperature may reach 23-25 °C in winter and 33-36 °C in summer. It contains an […]

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Tihany and Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton Tour If you visit Hungary make sure that you include Tihany as well. As Budapest is the Pearl of the Danube, Tihany is the Pearl of Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton, the largest fresh water lake in Central Europe, was formed by tectonic sagging around 25.000 years ago. The ancient village of Tihany was […]

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highlights of Hungary


Pécs City Tour Pécs is one of the highlights of Hungary. The city lies in a long valley, protected by the Mecsek hills. The Pannon-Celtic founders called it Sopianae and was one of the administrative centers of the province of Pannonia. It was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2000. In 2010 Pécs was […]

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Eger Day Trip Eger is the most outstanding touristic center of the Eastern region. This charming town was the scene of the well-known battle with the Turks in 1552. Eger has a rich wine culture as well, the world famous Bull’s Blood Red Wine (Egri Bikavér in Hungarian) is produced here. The city of Eger […]

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Best places in Hungary


Esztergom Day Trip Esztergom is one of the oldest towns in Hungary and it is also one of the best places in Hungary. It was the former capital city, nowadays is the seat of the Hungarian Catholic Church. Esztergom was the coronation place of our first Hungarian King St. Stephen, who was born here around […]

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Gödöllő Day Trip Gödöllő lies in a clean, green and panoramic area surrounded by forests. The forests in Gödöllő’s downs have always offered kings and governors excellent grounds for wild game hunting. Queen Mary Therese paid a visit in the beautiful baroque castle of Gödöllő in 1751. Later the estate of Gödöllő with the mansion […]

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Szentendre Day Trip Szentendre (Sanctus Andreas) is a cute little town on the Danube Bend with a rich artistic heritage. There are many beautiful baroque churches, museums and art galleries. Szentendre is also called the city of churches, because being a small town has seven churches. Walking along the cobbled streets the charm of the […]

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Visegrád Day Trip Visegrád is situated north of Budapest on the right bank of the Danube in the Danube Bend. From the Upper Castle you can have a stunning view of the Danube Bend. Both castles (Upper Castle and Lower Castle) played an important role in the history of Hungary. The Upper Castle hosted the […]

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Pest 3 hours walking tour

Pest 3 hours walking tour

Pest Walking Tour On the Pest Walking Tour you will get to see the highlights of Budapest, Pest side. A little bit of culture, architecture, history and some tips for orientation in the city. We will visit a few districts so you will have the chance to see the difference between the downtown and the […]

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